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Summer camp Registration is now OPEN!



Dear Parents,

We are aware that many things have changed in the last year and we have also changed our schedule in order to make things safer and to offer you more choices. Please notice the following:

Spot TV – this allows you to watch your child’s class LIVE from the comfort of your car, home, or office. We are limited in the number of people that we may have in the building and we still wanted to offer you the opportunity of watching your child. Please register for this while registering your child.

Classes are spaced out – this allows us to clean in between classes and also to offer distancing between each group. 

New exit door –  There will be a separate entrance and separate exit door for all classes and teams. This will also allow for distancing between all classes and teams.

All classes must be pre-registered in order for the student to attend. We do not hold spots over from year to year or from the summer, as our class times have changed. All students must register for the fall.

Because we are limited in the number of people in the building, we are forced to limit the number of students in our classes. Please sign up at your earliest convenience to secure a spot. 

Galaxy Gymnastics is looking forward to having the opportunity to teach your child in a fun, educational, and safe environment this fall. 

Thank you, Jamie and the Galaxy Staff

2021 Summer class registration now open!

Limited spots are available!!!!